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Naturediet back on the menu

As you may have noticed the supply of Naturediet packs has been a little thin on the ground recently. The Internet rumour mill has been working overtime as bloggers and forum users nation wide speculate as to why they cannot get their hands on Naturediet. This speculation has not gone unnoticed by the management team at Naturediet, who would now like to clear the air.

“It’s true that we have had supply problems of late.” Says Naturediet UK Sales Manager, Emma McKenzie. “To put an end to the rumours, these problems were caused by a technical fault with one of our machines. This has been fixed, and we are now producing again at full capacity. We would like to apologise to all of our customers who are still waiting for fulfilment, and to re-assure them that they will receive their orders soon.”

During this period supplies of Naturediet have been getting through to wholesalers, but despite operating at full capacity again, the company has warned that it will be a number of weeks before production can catch up to demand.

If anyone has any queries on the disruption in supply, contact Naturediet on 01362 822320.

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