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Police warning over scissor scam

SURREY POLICE are warning dog groomers to be on the lookout for people posing as ‘scissor sharpeners’ in the Woking area.

Diamond Edge, a legitimate hairdressing salon and dog grooming equipment maintenance firm based in Brighton, has been contacted by at least 20 people reporting the scam.

One incident involved a householder in Knaphill who received a telephone call last Wednesday from a woman claiming to be a representative of Diamond Edge. Thereafter a man called at the house to collect some scissors for maintenance, only to return them blunt. The victim immediately cancelled the £40 cheque she had given to the man once she realised what had happened.
Diamond Edge informed the lady that the man did not work for the company, adding that it had received several reports of the scam, some from as far afield as Cumbria.

Inspector Lynette Shanks said the con-man only accepted a cheque after he learned there was no money on the premises. He asked for the cheque to be made out to ‘J. Brazil’. The man was not wearing a company uniform nor was he sporting any logos for Diamond Edge.

Managing Director of Diamond Edge, David Noakes, said they first heard about a man cold-calling at hairdressing salons and animal grooming parlours last October.

He said his firm only operated by mail order and did not offer a while-you-wait service, so anyone who was targeted by a cold-caller should contact the police or trading standards.

Mr Noakes added that warning letters had been sent to the firm's regular customers.

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