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Support Dogs introduces its first canine patron at Crufts

SabaSUPPORT DOGS is pleased to announce that Saba, a rescue Saluki-cross, has been honoured to become the first canine patron of this unique UK assistance dog charity.

Saba who plays the role of Skipper on CBeebies Green Balloon Club will be making a special appearance at Crufts where her tail will be wagging in eager anticipation of meeting all her fans.
Four-year old Saba is owned and trained by Sally Hill along with her daughter, Support Dogs Instructor Fran Hill, who with the Support Dogs team of professionals train three main types of assistance dog – Disability Assistance Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs and Seizure Alert Dogs.

In Saba’s role as Skipper on CBeebies she emphasises how dogs make a positive impact on children, not only through being a portal for communication, but also as an emotional support by improving confidence and reducing stress levels.

Fran Hill enthused: ‘I am so thrilled that Saba has been honoured as a patron of Support Dogs. She really is flying the flag for the charity, particularly for our work with children with Autism. We see what a huge difference our assistance dogs make; it is incredible, literally transforming family life, helping the child to communicate, focus and smile.’

Saba on CBeebiesSupport dogs undergo continuous training throughout their working careers, giving their owners increased confidence and self-esteem in addition to the extra independence that these amazing dogs bring.

Each Support Dog costs in the region of £10,000 to train and care for throughout his working life so funds are always needed to help more people benefit from these highly specialist dogs.

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