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KC and Bulldog council urge natural mating

The Kennel Club has joined forces with the Bulldog Breed Council to voice its concern over the use of ‘mating cradles’ within the breed. Mating cradles have been cited by their designers as the answer to the alleged problems which some Bulldogs have in mating naturally without assistance.

The Kennel Club and Bulldog Breed Council share the belief that dogs of all breeds should be able to mate as naturally as possible, and that there should be no place for any mechanical device within this process.

We are aware of sites selling this commercial product on the internet, which feature photos which show the bitch effectively strapped down by the device. This cannot ever be seen to be in the positive interest of any dog involved.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “A caring and responsible breeder should have no place for mating cradles in their breeding programme, whether for Bulldogs or any other breed. By working alongside the Bulldog Breed Council to highlight this issue, we aim to demonstrate the Kennel Club’s commitment to working together with responsible breeders to protect and improve the health and welfare of all dogs.”

Robin Searle, Chairman of the Bulldog Breed Council, added: “We are pleased that the Kennel Club is supporting us in our bid to see mating cradles being deemed unsuitable and unnecessary for any experienced and caring Bulldog breeder. We also hope to educate the public to include making enquiries regarding the way in which puppies are conceived an essential part of the checking process which they undertake whenever they are considering buying a puppy.”

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I agree that all matings should be supervised but if a dog and bitch cannot mate naturally and willingly without the aid of devices then surely there must be a problem with the construction of the dogs. I am appalled by the use of these cradles, and wonder does the bitch have the option to resist once she is hooked over it and standing on tiptoes, I think not.

Mrs L Martin