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Apologies to Libbye

OUR DOGS would like to apologise unreservedly to Libbye Miller DVM from Kentucky USA for the incorrect use of the comments which she made in response to an LA Times article recently.

Unfortunately, most of the comments which we attributed to veterinarian Ms Miller in the article ‘Yes to Westminster! Vet Speaks Out’ (printed in Our Dogs 30th January) were not actually made by her, but by another reader who incorporated some of Ms Miller’s comments into their own views regarding PETA’s appeal to USA Network not to air Westminster Dog Show.

Here are Ms Miller’s actual comments on the matter:

‘No one ever seems to mention the millions of dollars that AKC and the Canine Health foundation have invested in medical research that benefits ALL dogs as well as humans.

‘“Adorable mixed breeds” get cancer, epilepsy, allergies, heart disease, and orthopedic problems just like purebreds. I see it every day in my veterinary practice but mixed breed dogs aren't tracked like the purebreds so they have a reputation as “healthier” that is actually undeserved in many cases.

‘I am so tired of PETA and their bogus war on the dedicated breeders who strive to breed healthy dogs, place puppies in appropriate homes, and feel responsible for their puppies for life.

‘I wish someone would do a exposé on PETA but the media seems really afraid of them.’

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