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Welsh competitors announced

THE Welsh Junior Of The Year 2009 to be held on Saturday February 28th competitors are as follows:

1. Abbarsian Golden Shine, St Bernard, 2. Sohanastar’s Pure Fantasy, CKCS; 3. Brandyn The Might Atom, K.B.T; 4. Dunewalker Miss Behaving Of Baronglen, Ir Wolfhound; 5. Janjinks Wild Honey Emryn, Pem Corgi; 6. Barrvale Jigsaw At Huntshill, Beagle; 7. Afterglow Just A Jigolo, Afghan; 8. Bruesown Agatha, Tib Spaniel; 9. Huntghill The Jazz Man, Whippet; 10. Foxwood Bombshell, G. Schnauzer; 11. Daltricia Alcestis, Shih Tzu; 12. Gunalt Pi In The Sky, Weimaraner; 13. Swanndale Black Dahlia At Herwr, Lancs Heeler; 14. Dajoxx Ticketyboo At Heriol, Bullmastiff, 15. Sofala Saracen, Rhod Ridgeback 16. Cassencarrie James Blonde, Dandie Dinmont; 17. Teirgwyn Son Of A Gun At Meilow, Bull Terrier; 18. Overmarsh Third Man, Labrador, 19. Hitmonchan Picture Ella, Chi Crested; 20. Willihelm Mystic Melody, York Terrier; 21. Retrodaze Hot Gossip, Bulldog; 22. Jacott Moonlight Serenade, Sealyham; 23. Koppelwell Kurious Kactus, Whippet; 24. Ornella Tegwen’s Tango, Seayham; 25. Pendenvour Pheel The Rhythem, Cesky Terrier; 26. Treaclsea No Matter What, Golden Retriever; 27. Ancojo Chasing Wishes, Papillon; 28. Turnstone Maid To Measure At Annablue, Whippet; 29. Rhayader Thomas, Border Terrier; 30. Bullypins Blaize, Min Pin; 31. Charm Of Goldies At Hollygreens, Whippet; 32. Jayandri Temptation, Min Poodle; 33. Garnfach Top Notch At Ermyn, Pem Corgi; 34. Cwmdarhian To Hot To Handle, Min Smooth Dach; 35. Sasquehanna Malinek To DobranPolish Lowland; 36. Huntghill Jazzalicious, Whippet; 37. Chasing Shadows At Sandpug, Pug; 38. Aurgwen Alyth, Border Terrier; 39. Tsuga Serenade For Oakmyst; Tib Spaniel; 40. Starside Cerys Mathews At Cochochr, Border Collie; 41. Lemiz Souldrop Indefatigable, Chi Crested; 42. Shardlow Air Trafic Control Over Andolyn, Lhasa Apso; 43. Armatan Bolt From The Blue , Aus Shepherd; 44. Wyeafon Torch Wood, Aus Terrier; 45. Celtic Bridge Spring Magic, Sky Terrier; 46. Romwal Welsh Dragon, Aus Silky Terrier; 47. What A Girl Wants For Fribonch, Bichon Frise; 48. Brockburrow Cassanova In Linjor, Labrador; 49. Alisma Amilton, Cocker Spaniel; 50. Tonmawr Burns Night Special, Whippet; 51. Vuedor’s Cranberry Frost Of Shonsand, Pem Corgi; 52. Avantgarde Airborne Lad, Affenpinscher; 53. Tommarv Ruby Sunday, Sealyham; 54. Valetta Top That, Toy Poodle; 55. Pendevour Pascal, Cesky Terrier; 56. Overmarsh Third Official, Labrador; 57. Trebettyn Takin It Easy, Golden Retriever; 58. Ulmarra Shakar At Miwell, Saluki; 59. Ablazzor Three Wishes At Ancojo, Papillon; 60. Tiroen Time After Time For Alolfran, Irish Setter; 61. Chymera Krishna At Showbull, Tib Mastiff; 62. Livikee Moulin Rouge, Dobermann; 63. Hitmonchan Picture Perfect, Chi Crested and 64. Brightmeadow Black Night, Curly Coat Ret;

Reserves are: Benachitti Dun Good At Valetta, Min Pin; Ringlands Eternal Flame At Ancojo, Papillon; Lauralee Charles Dickens At Cwmdrhian, Smooth Dach; Hitmonchan The Explorer With Dalrosmic, Chi Crested; Willow Pip Boy At Valetta, Min Pin; Daltricia Kleodora, Shih Tzu; Daltricia Alastor, Shih Tzu.

Please note these are just the names and breeds of this year’s competitors, the actual draw will take place on the morning of the event. For those who wish to spectate tickets are still available priced at £20 per head, this includes tea and coffee on arrival, excellent buffet and commemorative catalogue. To apply for tickets please contact: Martin Sanders Tel: 02920 813402 or e mail

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