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BBC revises Communication Strategy to counter criticism

OUR DOGS has learned that the BBC has been so concerned about the recent unprecedented levels of criticism that his drawn up a 'long term communication' strategy.

After the damaging publicity caused by the behaviour of Jonathan Ross, the fund-raising debacle over the appeal for Gaza and the sacking of Carol Thatcher, not to mention the distorted Pedigree Dogs Exposed programme, the resulting confused attitude to televising Crufts and the hypocrisy of the latest story line concerning the St Bernard in Eastenders, the corporation has taken on a top flight public relations expert, Sophie Brendel, recruited from international PR company Thomson Reuters.

She has been told that her role is to ensure more consistency across departments and to put the BBC 'on the front foot' when dealing with the outside world. She joins the Corporation on 11th March and although Communications Director of the Beeb denied the move was a response to recent negative coverage, he admitted that 'the BBC is under enormous scrutiny all the time' and that 'scrutiny is growing'.

More relevant was the comment of a senior entertainment public relations spokesman who is reported to have said: 'The BBC's different departments have struggled to unify their overall objectives and have suffered from being too slow to respond to the media in the past'. He continued: 'A more coordinated response means that they will have to spend less time having to defend themselves.'

It has been suggested that this appointment is probably itself a public relations exercise. 'What the BBC requires', one correspondent told OUR DOGS, 'is a rethink of the Corporation's philosophy and remit so that it could begin to regain its position as a broadcaster that the nation could trust.'

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