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Dog breeder performed illegal dockings

A DOG breeder who kept a pack of 22 dogs in near-total darkness and surrounded by their own excrement faces nine charges of animal cruelty, relating to 16 puppies and six bitches.

Tony Sims of London Road, Hailsham, fed raw meat and bones to the Boxers and Rottweilers who were found in darkened rooms scattered with the carcasses of several dead rabbits throughout the house. RSPCA inspectors

and police officers were so overwhelmed by the stench of ammonia upon discovering the gruesome scene that many had to leave the room within only a few seconds of entering.

One puppy who was discovered with an eye infection so bad that the eye could not be saved had been banished to a separate room with only a dead rabbit for company. A freezer full of dead rabbits and a mincing machine was also found in the same room - Sims, representing himself, explained that he preferred to feed rabbits to his dogs rather than conventional dog food as it was ‘natural’.

Hastings Magistrates’ Court heard how the 31-year-old performed illegal tail docking on the newborn puppies but did such a botched job that the dogs were left in agony with segments of bone left protruding, surrounded by raw flesh. David Buck, prosecuting, said: ‘The manner in which those (dogs) were docked was by using a cable tie, which cuts off the blood supply to the tail for a few days and would cause pain. Once the tail has dropped off it leaves a very messy wound and in some cases with a bit of bone still sticking out of the stump.’

When challenged about his DIY tail-docking, Sims admitted that he never took his dogs to the vet because vets ‘mess around with the dogs.’ He continued: ‘Them dogs are perfectly looked after. If anybody took those dogs they would not be in the same condition. Their coats are in immaculate condition. Their eyes are in immaculate condition. There's no pain or suffering in them dogs.’
Mr Buck, however, pointed out that: ‘They were being kept in unventilated and darkened rooms, on urine-stained floors in almost complete darkness.’

Sims kept the dogs in these squalid conditions all over the house - he had divided his garage into two sections, keeping four bitches in one half with only a kennel and two plastic beds, and a litter of eight Rottweilers and a bitch in the other. One bitch and a litter of eight Boxers were also kept in a conservatory. It seems that the Boxers were being kept in better conditions than the Rotties, but only because they were soon to be ready for sale and were likely to be viewed by prospective buyers.

The dogs were discovered and removed by the RSPCA on 25th April last year after he had earlier refused to let RSPCA officers into the house. Upon the RSPCA’s arrival Sims became aggressive and threatening towards officers and had to be restrained with handcuffs before both he and his wife were arrested.

Sims denies all charges against him. The trial continues.

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I am not shocked anymore by some folks actions toward animals, or children.
now, those are the people that should be put in jail and fined, NOT, good Breeders who keep their dogs in excellent condition and also sell good quality pets.
as far as peta/hsus are concerned, they do Not want anyone owning a domestic animal.
I am totally digusted with liberal attitudes around the world, that is why a lot is in such bad shape.

J. Fossum

DISGUSTING ...this is what those activits should be targeting on the real puppy farmers .
they cant look for them as theyre too busy demonstating and throwing there opinions at real caring dog breeders who look after there dogs ........
he should be locked in a dark room with no toilet facilities and fed uncooked meat and quess what the people who did it to him would be prosecuted  what will he get though  a fine and a smack on the wrist bad boy makes me sick he should be jailed ails here -