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IKC new committee

OUR DOGS has been supplied the new list of Irish Kennel Club Officers and Committee for 2009.

The list is as follows: President Mr S. Delmar, Vice-President Miss M. E. Crowley, Treasurer Mrs R. McCarry Beattie, General Purposes Committee: Mr B. O’Hara (Chairman), Mr N. Hammond (Vice Chairman), Mr S. Delmar (President), Mrs R. McCarry-Beattie (Treasurer), Miss M. E. Crowley (Vice President), Mrs S. Kealy, Mrs E. Hurley, Mr P. Behan, Mr J. J. Walsh, Mr N. White.

Field Trials Committee: Mr C. Neilson, Mr C. Hancock, Mr B. O’Hara, Mr W. Joyce, Mr J. Dalton, Mr C. Davitt, Mr J. Perry.

Green Star and Judges Committee: Mr C. Beattie(Chairman), Mrs J. Foley (Vice-Chairman), Mrs C. Delmar, Mr D. Timmins, Mrs C. Muldoon, Miss S. Taggart, Mr N. White.

Agility, Obedience & Working Trials Committee: Mrs J. Owens Poole (Chairman), Mrs P. O’Boyle (Vice-Chairman), Mrs M. Bailey, Ms J. Kinnane, Mrs J. Lawless, Mr J. Stephens.

Secretary of the Irish Kennel Club Mr A. O'Neill F.C.P.A., F.C.I.S. Show Secretary & Assistant Secretary of the Irish Kennel Club Mrs M. Campbell, Public Relations Officer Mrs S. Kealy.

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