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Kent Police to host prestigious National Police Dog Trials 2009

KENT POLICE will host the National Police Dog Trials next year for the first time in the prestigious event’s 49 year history.

The event will be held between Thursday 23 and Sunday 26 April 2009. The public part of the Trials will take place at historic Leeds Castle near Maidstone, Kent.

The Trials will be held in three phases: the final and most visual phase involves obedience, agility, long distance work, barking on command, chasing and detaining an offender, stand off, weapon attacks and emergency recall. This phase will be held in the Castle grounds and a large spectator area will be available to the public.

However, the first two phases involve searching and tracking and occur away from the Castle. The dogs have to identify scent and because of the risk of cross-contamination the public cannot watch this.

About 30 police officers from across the UK will compete for the national title after having successfully qualified from their respective force and in the regional trials. Kent Police has an impressive track record in the event having won six national police dog titles in the last four years. Consequently, it bid for the right to host next year’s event and won.

Assistant Chief Constable for Kent Police’s Specialist Operations directorate, Mr Allyn Thomas, said: ‘Police dogs perform a vital role in modern law enforcement and as such are an integral part of every police force.

‘They can detect drugs, cash and explosives. They can help us find missing people, evidence and clues that help us solve crimes. They are a real asset to police work and it goes without saying that police dogs have long held the interest and fascination of the public.’

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