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Kennel Club defies Crufts protests

THE KENNEL Club has appealed for calm in the wake of rumours that Crufts is to be targeted by animal rights protestors, who say they anticipate a ‘significant’ amount of support.

Breeders and dog lovers planning to attend Crufts could be seen on several internet forums this week discussing the rumoured threat to disrupt the show. In the past there have been attempts made by animal rights activists trying to cause trouble inside the show, but each time they have been swiftly and efficiently dealt with by show officials and security staff.

In recent weeks a website called has added Crufts 2009 to its list of events and places where they expect a significant turnout of supporters. ‘Veggies’ appears to have links to PETA and the website features a video of the failed attempt to disrupt the AKC Westminster show. The video, which features three of the protesters dressed as members of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), has been slammed for being in very bad taste, somewhat diminishing the the protesters’ desired effect.


The activist site states that: ‘Since the broadcasting of Pedigree Dogs Exposed the BBC, RSPCA and Pedigree Chum have all pulled out of Crufts and now it’s time for the public to put another nail in the coffin.’ Other areas of the site show support for the RSPCA vet, Mark Evans, and the BBC programme by using phrases such as: ‘Stop breeding dogs to death’ and ‘Crufts: eugenics for dogs,’ plus several other inflammatory remarks regarding dog breeding. encourages would-be protestors to arrive at Crufts on the Sunday when public transport is sparse, meaning they will have to park close to the NEC and pay for the privilege of protesting in the ‘Kick Cruelty Out of Crufts’ campaign. Demonstrations are also planned on other days at Crufts, with a full list of dates and times on the website.

Its site goes on to tell potential protestors: ‘'Respected institutions from the BBC to the RSPCA are questioning their past support for Crufts - the time is ripe to draw attention to this industry. It’s time to show the Kennel Club, at their most prestigious event of the year what the public actually think. Since the broadcasting of 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' the BBC, RSPCA and Pedigree chum (sic) have all pulled out of Crufts and now its (sic) time for the public to put another nail in the coffin.
Join us at the Birmingham NEC to pass on two very important messages to the public.

‘1. Breeding unhealthy dog's (sic) for aesthetic purposes is morally wrong.

‘2. breeding dogs is pointless when there are existing dogs all over the world needing homes’.

It also suggests people bring ‘campaign materials’, suggested items include: dog costumes, cuddly dog toys, banners/placards with slogans such as, Rescue, don't breed, Mutts can love too, Stop breeding dogs to death and Crufts: eugenics for dogs.

The Kennel Club has had knowledge of these planned protests since late August/early September of last year. OUR DOGS contacted the KC to ask them if they were aware of the situation, they responded: ‘The Kennel Club would like to reassure people planning to visit Crufts, following speculation that a protest has been planned by animal rights activists to coincide with the event.
‘Both the Kennel Club and the NEC are keeping a very close eye on the situation and all exhibitors and visitors to the show are advised that everything is being done to prevent any undue disruption which may affect the enjoyment of their visit.


Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: “We are treating this information very seriously and taking all necessary steps to deal with the situation accordingly.

“Both the Kennel Club and the NEC have considerable experience of dealing with similar incidents in the past, and would like to reassure visitors and exhibitors at Crufts that any protest will be carefully managed to prevent it from spoiling their enjoyment of the show.

“Crufts 2009 will go ahead as scheduled and will be a great celebration of happy, healthy dogs. The Kennel Club would urge visitors not to let any potential protest put them off from sharing in this celebration.”

The truth

Wendy Brooks of the the well known Jinnybrux Boxers spoke to OUR DOGS following notification of the planned demo: ‘We sat back and left it to ‘the others’ to fight the cause, and the docking ban, which many had said would not happen, is now here to stay.

‘Now, unless we take action, and EVERYONE does their share, not only will we be ordered which Anti-dog brigade plan Crufts protests dogs we cannot use on which bitches, but our beloved individual breeds, pedigree dogs and the show scene will soon become a thing of the past. What can we do? For a start, go to Crufts armed with evidence, talk to the general public, tell them, prove to them the health checks YOU have done regarding your dogs.

‘Show them how well your dogs are cared for and how much they are loved. Make sure they can see the dogs enjoying showing. The two so called ‘respected institutions’ mentioned will not take a lot of discrediting, one only has to cast one’s mind back to the Jonathon Ross affair, or the refusal to televise a worthy and humane appeal to dispense with any credibility the Beeb may once have had: a long time ago!

‘As for the RSPCA, one only has to speak to any of the breed rescue organisations to see what is most important to them. Have you noticed the increasing number of appeals for donations that are springing up from them recently? Could it be that they have bitten the hand that fed them? (and fed them VERY well too!)

‘It is time we informed the public of the truth, but one person alone cannot do it, make the effort now, before it’s too late. Any ideas for a campaign, or a way forward to further our cause, will be most welcome. I, for one, will do all within my power, to preserve our breeds, our hobby and our beloved best friends.’

Another reader told OUR DOGS: ‘where were these people when we protested against REAL puppy farmers? If they are that concerned for animals in general, why do they not demonstrate at Royal Ascot against horse racing, or any other animal related event; it seems to me they are jumping on a bandwagon against pedigree dogs kick started by the BBC in the first place!”

OUR DOGS contacted Passionate Productions for their response to the animal rights involvement, but we received no reply.

Readers who have contacted OUR DOGS have been unanimous in stating that this will not alter any plans they have to attend Crufts with their dogs.

Have you say on OUR DOGS online and let us know your views.

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I have both pedigree and non pedigree dogs, including some from rescue. I also used to drive my daughter to shows, including small fun shows which raised money for charities, also to KC shows like Crufts. We never bred dogs though. I do think it is time to take a stand against so called responsible "showers" who do well but whose ethics are in the gutter, like the lady who showed and bred the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and would cull any pups who did not have the ridge, also the lady who owned the spaniels who bred and bred although vets told her not to.  You do not need to breed dogs to show them.  Yes there are far too many dogs in shelters, a lot more pedigrees now than ever before, but also there are irresponsible home owners out there who do not show, but who think it cool to make up a breed like "Lasa00dles" and charge high prices without a thought as to genetics, temperment, ect.
There are show people out there who do only rarely breed. Who raise money for charities, who look after the rescues but enjoy having their dogs and attending shows. Lets not knock all, but target those irresponsible people that create problems.


Just to clarify for those who seem to have quite a gneralised and sterotypical (not to mention uninformed)knowledge / opinion of most animal rights activists; Genuine intentioned activists DO protest at ALL forms of animal cruely. They ARE at horse racing venues, dog racing, illegal hunts, puppy farms.... it is not selective at all. If you want to get across your side that you are not like some of the abusive or uncaring breeders and want people to understand that you are infact a genuine dog lover - do you not think it's possible that not all animal rights activists are violent, aggressive, 'selective' or any other negative characteristic you want to label them with? Essentially, you're just stereotyping which you don't seem to like having done to you!   For those who genuinely love and care for the dogs in your care for the RIGHT reasons, I wish you well. For those who merely breed for kudos and and money and acclaim, I hope one day you get a soul.

Genuine animal lover

If you're genuine animal 'lovers' then I believe you should stand up against the kennel club.  I will be honest and say that I do not have any time for dog breeders.  I have spent much of my personal money and time looking after shelter animals, some of which would have homes if it were not for the greed of the breeders.  And in my opinion, anyone who only wants a pedigree does not deserve a pet. 
All animals, regargless of pedigree or health are capable of loving the same.  Animals are not assets, they are companions, they are members of your family.
So to all those genuine animal lovers out there, please stand up against the kennel club.  The kennel club, greedy breeders and their arrogance are what threatens crufts.
Also, I have to say all of the things mentioned above about circus' and horse racing are important.  There are far too few animal welfare/animal rights people who stand up and speak out.  A number of you have mentioned horse racing, and this is something that you rightly say is cruel.  Have you done anything about your views?  The people protesting outside crufts feel the same as you, but they are doing something about it.  Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere everyday.  Don't attack us for caring about animal welfare, join us and prove that you care about the animals.  Write letters, send e-mails, sign petitions, attend protests and put an end to animal suffering.

He who loves and respects animals (AKA Steve)

What you all seem to forget, is that a Peke won Crufts even though it needed an operation to help it breath. That must never happen again, Crufts has lost credability and so have the KC. I applaud the BBC for taking a stand, against the type off breeders of certain breeds, who create dogs, who they deem should have a smaller/larger head, shorter legs, etc because they think it's more pleasing. I will miss the BBC coverage of Crufts but someone has to take a stand.


It has just been broadcast on GMTV today that crufts wont be televised and that the general public can view the event on the web....and see all the events and breed judging , the commentator  PETER PURVES  who will comment for the kc on the web for the crufts event has stated on national tv this morning that the bbc have gone to far ....well said at last someone prepared to speak out against the bbc on live tv a loud applaud to him...
......and yes i do reckon the bbc will be there to film the arogance of the protestor what a waste of licence payers money ...


What's the betting the BBC WILL turn up at Crufts now, after all - to report on the protestors' attempt to disrupt it! The BBC will no doubt regard that as more worthy of TV coverage than the main event which is annually enjoyed by millions of their dog-loving (and licence-paying) viewers. So far, the general public seem unaware that this year's Crufts won't be broadcast on the BBC: many friends have asked when it's on, as they plan to watch it as they do every year.

Kathy McCalister

Hi there is an email in ciculation saying that the animal extemists are coming to crufts and are going to let the dogs out of there crates and your car if they find them alone and set them free, they reckon a dead dog is better than a show dog , remember and take a padlock for the crates or trolleys, I think they are taken this way to far the bbc have cauced this with information that was all false in the first place will the activists go and upset the racing world next becauce the cruelty to horses seems accaptable to whip them whilst they run. And if they fall shoot them but then the BBC haven’t made an issue of this why ? As it s live television and a paying audience is watching it but it seems acceptable ....


I have to agree with Judy racing is barbric the way they whip those horses .... also when they fall at the fences if they get injured they destroy them in full view of paying public either at the race course or on TV. 
It is barbaric it is time it was investigated into and leave our dogs alone we dont whip or destroy our dogs just becauce theyre injured .
The animal activist are beyond reasoning  whenthey get a bee in there bonnet and off they go twittering on without real cauce .instead of helping animals like the horses who are treated this way as said in full view of every one.are they blind or are they just choosing to be selective it is time they left innocent honest owners/breeders alone the BBC had no right to broadcast the lies they did ..they have opened a real can of worms .......... 


I am at a loss as to how the likes of the grand national and such horse races have never been exposed what those horses go through ,is undesirable and in full view of a paid gate audience  and also on occation a televised live audience.....  surley this is classed as a barbaric sport in open view ...the grey hound scene is similar we have so many unwanted dogs of this breed needing rehomed why!!! for the name of racing is why .there are many many more activities including mant to write off,yet the bbc tried to expose our dogs , maybe they really are barking up the wrong tree.......and those animal activist just like caucing trouble i will be at crufts they wont stop me .
why is it they re not investigated.instead of wasting good money tryng to demine respectable dog owners/breeders and try and stop th barbearic sports  that include animals.... 


I get the feeling that certain people at BBC are actively encouraging this protest. Crufts has been conspicious by its absence on all BBC TV and Radio - trying to contact them regarding the supposed protest is met with silence.

I know a few people who may not show this year because of the protest - I find this a bit depressing as that is exactly the response the "veggies" want.

As others have said, there are little or no protests at equine events (some of which inflict terrible suffering), greyhound racing etc.

Even circus shows are relatively unscathed!

Anyway, I'll be going. I am confdent that KC security will be more than up the the task.

David Beattie