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Animal sanctuary hit by cash crisis

A sanctuary which has saved the lives of thousands of dogs is to close its doors at the end of the week because of a lack of cash.

Marina Kennels, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, has been operating for 32 years, collecting stray dogs from police stations and other areas.

However, the £25,000 cost of a new drainage system at the site has proved the final straw for the owners. Now they fear the owners of missing dogs will not know where to look.

The kennel has never put a dog to sleep and now the last few animals have been taken in, but the centre will be forced to close on Friday after decades of canine care.


Owner Janet Worrell said they were well-known in the area for rescuing stray or abandoned animals.

She said: ‘Having a kennels in the Kirklees area meant everybody knew about Marina, it's been going for 32 years. As for what's going to happen, well, the dogs are going to be taken out of the area and we don't know if the owners of stray dogs will necessarily know where to go looking for them.’

Ms Worrell said puppies were easy to re-home, but older dogs were difficult to place in new homes.

‘We get litters of puppies, boxes of them and people say 'we've found them in the woods, we've found them wherever', and they know that we will take them in and look after them.
‘Now we could be going back to the days of people drowning puppies.’

Janet’s contact number is 07711 617148 if you can help with any re-homing.

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