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Dogs Victoria response to the bushfires

WHEN THE news of the fires reached the staff of DOGS Victoria early this month, the Australian dog charity knew that many of its members would be affected.

When calls and emails started coming through with bad news of members who had been affected by the fires - some had lost their homes, some their dogs and a few even lost family members - DOGS Victoria immediately put out a call for donations of goods and funds and were overwhelmed by the generosity of people from interstate and even overseas. Purina and Advance both donated many pallets of dog food.

Kind volunteers have been working tirelessly to ensure that victims received the aide they need and funds that have been raised through the DOGS Victoria bushfire appeal, including entries to the International Virtual Dog Show, are now being quickly dispersed. The funds in this dedicated account are nearing $200,000 and the charity expects this to continue to grow through the IVDS entries, which do not close until 6th March.

The focus of such fundraising is, of course, support for the welfare of the dogs belonging to those affected by the fires and emergency grants have already been made to several members who lost their homes in the fire to provide temporary accommodation for their dogs.

Funding guidelines will also provide for the longer-term needs of people as they settle back into new homes, possibly in new locations, and require kennels, exercise areas, etc for their dogs. Additionally, in response to an initiative of Shane Addison of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria, DOGS Victoria has purchased a shipping container to be taken up to the King Lake area to allow the storage of pet food for ongoing distribution. Purina have agreed to donate a large amount of food for this project.

DOGS Victoria would like to thank everyone who donated goods to those in need and the volunteers who helped sort and deliver these goods. Huge thanks go out as well to the thousands of people overseas who have entered the International Virtual Dog Show.
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