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Keeping ahead of the game

REGULAR VISITORS to our website know that they can become involved in the free OUR DOGS social network which we have created over the last ten years for all those involved in the world of dogs.

Full members of our digital services, of course, have access to our extensive archive which has all the breed notes, show reports, news stories and the thoughts of our experienced and thought provoking team of columnists going back to 2001, but anyone can get involved in the OUR DOGS social networking site.

You can comment on current news stories in the News Extra section (just go to the bottom of the story and complete the comment section - it works just like Facebook, MySpace and You Tube, where you also see more photographs and extended reports of the items which have appeared in print. Our free to view section also includes our Interactive pages where you can make your views known on current issues through your own personal web log and the poll questionnaires, take part in our Forum pages, view videos (and post your own) in our video vault, write letters direct to the editor, take part in competitions and click on to our Facebook sites for Juniors and yet more pictures.

We relaunched the Our Dogs Online Message Board a few weeks ago and this has already had a facelift to make it more flexible. You can access it by clicking here. Discussions can be pretty lively so be prepared to stand up for your ideas!

OUR DOGS continues to combine the traditional printed version of the paper whilst harnessing the power of the internet, meeting the demands of readers at every level.

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