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KC states its position on rspca report on dog breeding

As we go to press OUR DOGS has been in touch with the Kennel Club with reference to its response to the RSPCA report on dog breeding.

The Kennel Club agrees with much of what the report says, particularly the recognition that the issues are complex. This complexity is evidenced by the fact that results of the report’s Focus Group Study were far from being unanimous on the required solutions.

However, it appears that out of the 14 priority recommendations, The Kennel Club was already carrying out 11 and has sound reasons for disagreeing with the other 3.

One example where the KC has acted is the Systematic Collection of Data. This has already begun with Kennel Club Health Survey of 52,000 dogs in 2004. This, done with help of BSAVA/Animal HealthTrust and epidemiologists, was the first stage in setting base information for further studies going forward.

The KC is already discussing with RCVS, BVA and BSAVA the additional part Vets can play in better systematic recording of practice data. The problems here include the skewed nature of the data, the inability to agree on descriptions of clinical conditions and the correct identification of breeds/breed types.

There are other areas which will send shivers down the spines of readers and certainly columnists like Robert Killick.

There is a suggestion from the RSPCA that there should be a ‘Formulation of an independent panel of experts from multiple disciplines to facilitate dialogue and drive positive action by all stakeholders.’

Classic ‘report speak’ and one would have to question the validity of so called experts and from where they are to be drawn.

OUR DOGS will go into more detail on this story in next week’s issue and online.

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