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Buy a Hero for £1

Dogs for the Disabled hope to get a late Christmas present this year thanks to the generosity and support of high street bank, Barclays, whose customers will have the opportunity to buy a Hero this January.

Hero, the character of Dogs for the Disabled, has been developed into a zip pull to be sold in each branch of Barclays throughout January. Proceeds of the sale of the Hero Zip pulls which cost £1, will help train an assistance dog for a disabled person, giving them the opportunity to live a more independent life.

Assistance Dog Pepsi went to the Banbury Branch of Barclays today,(Tuesday 23rd December 2008) to demonstrate to staff and customers of the Banbury Branch of Barclays, some of the tasks she can undertake for a disabled person. Pepsi helped her trainer take off her gloves and pick up the purse she dropped as Clare was unable to reach it from her wheelchair and presented Clare’s purse to a member of staff.

Cathryn Simpson, Corporate Partnership Manager for Dogs for the Disabled said, “ We are delighted that Barclays has kindly offered to help us raise enough money to train an assistance dog, helping us to create a new partnership. Many of our clients tell us that before they were partnered with their assistance dog, they were reluctant to leave the house, even to visit their local shops, terrified that they will not be able to cope. An assistance dog gives them the confidence to leave the house again, safe in the knowledge that whether they drop their purse, need to open a door or have a fall from their wheelchair, they will have a friend to help.”

Gemma Kaye, Barclays Community Operations Support Manager, added: Barclays is delighted to be involved with Dogs for the Disabled as one of our Charity Partners for 2009, and look forward to supporting their great work with a counter appeal opportunity throughout our 1,736 branches nationwide during January.”