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Parvo strikes in Cornwall

PARVO VIRUS has broken out in a number of close-knit neighbouring communities in West Cornwall.

Five dogs have died since last week and another is in a serious condition after being diagnosed with a particularly virulent strain of the virus.

The first case was reported in Redruth, but since then the virus has struck a number of animals in the travellers' communities around Redruth, St Day, Carharrack and Lanner. Police and vets are urging dog owners to be vigilant in order to contain the outbreak and take their pets for treatment the moment they start displaying any symptoms.

The virus can stay active in faeces for months, although it can be killed with simple, household bleach. Sharon Cole, a vet with Truro-based Cornwall Veterinary Emergency Treatment, has been helping police. She said dogs were usually inoculated against the virus and owners should ensure their pets were up to date with booster jabs.