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The wonderful world of pawtraits!

Kim Thompson is a freelance illustrator based in Manchester. Her interest in painting dogs developed after creating a 'Pawtrait' (painting of her dog) as a gift for a friend and fellow dog lover.

Kim says: ‘I love the idea of a dog as the main subject of a painting - each facial expression and mannerism suggesting a different and complex personality. Studying the characteristics and features of different breeds, I really enjoy trying to capture this with paint.’

She recently set up a Facebook group under the name 'pawtrait' whereby people can view more of her work and contact her if they would like to have their own picture created. However, the site is very much in the early stages, so the best form of contact would perhaps be via her email address here (

Kim says: ‘I work from photographs so I do require a decent quality image from the customer to base each pawtrait on. I work at A4, A3, and A1 (specific sizes can be requested), and prices start at £25 (for A4, £50 for A3 and £100 for A1).’

OUR DOGS readers will receive a 25% discount on any pawtrait ordered!





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