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All About Dogs to end

The organisers of the hugely successful All About Dogs show have announced that the event will no longer be staged.

Although the 2009 event had been planned to go ahead at the Brentwood Centre showground, after a series of meetings with the local borough council it has been decided that it will no longer be viable, due to changes in council policies of competitive tendering for events staged in Brentwood.

The All About Dogs show has always been about promoting dog ownership in the very best light, and was organised by ‘dog people’ for ‘dog people’. All About Dogs was the largest and most comprehensive outdoor dog event of its kind – it was the blue print for others to follow.

The organisers feel that should they become involved in competitive tendering for the event, changes in the format of the show would have to be implemented and costs for all concerned would rise dramatically. The event has always been staged with dogs in mind and not profit margins. Other venues, both within Brentwood and outside the Borough have been viewed and considered but the financial implications of moving the event elsewhere were quite prohibitive and would not be viable in the current financial climate.

The organisers would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks all the ‘doggie people’ who have supported the event over the past ten years..

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Again the humane societies as well as politicians  have gotten in the way of our dogs.
There are more than enough laws on the books now without taking away our pets.
How about birth control for people, and teaching folks to take care of their children, as well as older people.
Too much for you politicians, I guessed as much!
Leave our dog events alone, and start doing the real job of taking care of the country.