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City of Birmingham set to lead the way

City of BirminghamIn current times, when people refer to ‘The City’ it’s usually doom and gloom on the markets. But wait, a more positive start to the New Year for our own ‘city’, the City of Birmingham Canine Association which has taken the initiative with a potential new look for its show in 2009.
Plans are already in hand for the Association to help some of the numerically smaller breeds, with an opportunity to run their own club shows as ‘back to back’ events within the September City of Birmingham Show.

By special arrangement with the Kennel Club, The City has the use of the new Kennel Club building at Stoneleigh and has come up with its own plan to offer the facilities to clubs to run their own event on the same day as their breed is scheduled at the City show. The benefits can be many fold and to many people. The clubs themselves will have the chance to put on their own event in their own way in excellent surroundings whilst bolting on to the car parking, judges facilities, trade stand services and all the other elements an all breed General Championship show brings to the table. Not only that, exhibitors will then have the opportunity to show at two events on the same day, under different judges.

The benefits to all are clear with many side issues cropping up, trade stands could do better with a higher influx of people, the entries of both the main show and the club show could be better, dog people could enjoy a true day out showing and not just make a bolt for the door as soon as their class is over. Minority breeds often need a helping hand and here is a society being extremely practical in that area.

The details of the scheme are to be discussed at a meeting called by The City; Secretary Keith Young has sent this letter to a number of societies inviting them to a special meeting later in January :

During the past year or so the City of Birmingham Committee has been considering various ways of how to support and encourage certain smaller numeric breeds, including incorporating their Club Open Shows within our General Championship Shows at Stoneleigh Park.
More recently, with the opening of the new Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh, the Society has been exploring whether the Kennel Club would grant permission and approve the issue of the necessary Licences for some smaller numeric Breed Club Open Shows to be held in their new facility.

I am delighted to inform you that the Kennel Club have agreed with the concept of smaller Breed Clubs holding Open Shows within the City of Birmingham Shows as “back-to-back” events and that the Society may “showcase” the breeds. It is intended that the various breed club open shows will be held on the corresponding City Group days, thus enabling them to be “back-to-back” with the proposed breed classes scheduled at our Championship Show.
In order to develop the concept in detail it is intended to hold a meeting at Stoneleigh Park on Wednesday 21st January 2009, commencing at 11am, when two officers of all the agreed participating breed clubs are invited to attend.

I would be pleased, therefore, to receive written confirmation that your Club wishes to be part of the event and be provided with the names of your two representatives attending the meeting.

• The Portuguese Podengo Club of GB
• The Hamiltonstovare Club
• The British Bolognese Club
• The Havanese Club of GB
• The Portuguse Water Dog Club of GB.
• The Tibetan Mastiff Club of GB
• The Finnish Lapphund Club of GB
• The Miniature Bull Terrier Club.
• The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association
• The Spanish water Dog Club
• The Bracco Italiano Society
• The Canaan Dog Club of UK.

The option is there for these breeds to be featured more in the main show as the word, ‘showcase’ suggests.

City of Birmingham Chairman Bill King, speaking exclusively to OUR DOGS this week said,
"The City of Birmingham is very excited to be developing new ideas for the show world. We've got the ground, we've got the buildings and we can do something different. There is an opportunity here to help numerically smaller breeds and breed clubs who will have access to great facilities for a very nominal fee; there is a win-win situation here for exhibitors, clubs, judges and even visitors to the show. The City is in a position to move on from being just another Championship Show event and we hope this is just the beginning."

International Media PartnerOUR DOGS is itself in a unique position to help the Association promote its new ideas; as the official International Media Partner for the City, OUR DOGS will be taking schedules for the show all around the UK and Ireland and into key European events. OUR DOGS Managing Director Vince Hogan commented, “ This system works well in Europe and undoubtedly adds to the quality of the show. Club shows, specialities, or ‘monograficas’ in places like Spain or Portugal really bolster the entries and make for a fuller weekend all round. We congratulate the City on its forward thinking.”

Dave Cavill, Chairman of Southern Counties added, “this sounds like a really exciting innovation. We have tried at Southern Counties to enhance the show with handling classes, junior events and have talked about linking with an open show but the facilities at Stoneleigh now move things to a new level. Well done Birmingham”

OUR DOGS believes that the City of Birmingham has a number of other schemes being considered to enhance their show in the future, making it a true day out for exhibitors and dog lovers in general. The message is this space!

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