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Brighton Bloodhound Kennels - 100 years and still going strong!

Few kennels survive the demise of their founders, some pass on to a second generation, but for a kennel to survive in the same family and with the same breed for 100 years is a truly remarkable event, which Bloodhound enthusiasts across the world came together on Sunday 23rd November to celebrate.

The Brighton Bloodhound kennels was founded in 1908 by Henry Hylden when he registered Henry of Brighton, his son and daughter Colonel and Lottie of Brighton, born in 1911, became the kennels first of a long list of Champions. Ch Dark of Brighton, born in 1919 won a total of 31 CC’s taking the breed record, which still stands to this day.

Unlike so many great kennels, the Brighton Bloodhounds survived the second world war, by this time the kennel having passed to the second generation of Frederick Hylden, who was later joined by his granddaughter, Lilian, who had her first hound, Runba of Brighton, registered in her name in 1948. Lilian went on to marry George Ickeringill, who became a partner in the Brighton affix. George sadly passed away in January 1988, but Lily continued to breed, show and judge.

Long list

The Brighton Bloodhounds have over the years produced a long list of winners in the in the ring and field, as well as prominent sires and dams, and just as important, many of today’s (and yesterday’s) leading bloodhound kennels at home and abroad started with a Brighton dog.
It was this amazing achievement and legacy which was celebrated at the neo-gothic splendor of Ettington Park, near Stratford upon Avon, the family seat of the Shirley family, whose members included Mr S.E. Shirley, the first chairman of The Kennel Club.

Lily was naturally the guest of honor and was modest and unassuming throughout the afternoon, as she was presented with gifts and heard a variety of speakers talk about the importance of the Brighton Bloodhound kennel. But undoubtedly the highlight for Lily was the surprise guest, a liver Bloodhound of Brighton breeding, now resident in Belgium, whose owner had obtained special permission from the normally dog free hotel to be present at the end of the day.

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