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Military honour for courageous dog

A SOLDIER dog who has saved dozens of troop lives sniffing out bombs in Afghanistan has scooped a national award.

Treo honouredHis partner, Corporal David Heyhoe, is bursting with pride after seeing loyal canine companion Treo – a veteran of several tours of duty with him – voted finest Armed Forces animal at a glitzy prize-giving ceremony. The seven-year-old black labrador is a former rebel dog in danger of being put down during his errant youth, only to find redemption in the Army.

And David, 39, from Macclesfield in Cheshire, is an armed explosive search dog handler who has just jetted back from six months in Afghanistan with the gutsy canine.

"He’s my mate, my canine best friend, and I’m his dad!" said David. "Our presence in Afghanistan could have been a lot worse if Treo wasn’t there. He was out there sniffing around for bombs every day. He has definitely saved lives."

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