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Lynne Rock

I still can’t quite believe that I am having to write this. It was only a few weeks ago that I was stood in Lynne’s kitchen chatting and laughing with her, checking out the new pups that she was running on out of a recent litter.

Lynne RockHearing that Lynne had been rushed into hospital and only had weeks to live was a massive shock in itself, but to receive the devastating news that she had died only days later was heartbreaking, not only to Les and her family but to the many, many friends whose lives she added such colour too. Whoever you talk to about her they will all say the same that she was the kindest of people, always smiling and laughing and ready to help anyone, whatever the problem.

Lynne was born in Walsall in 1949 and from an early age she was involved with animals. As a child she would collect the local dogs that were lost (or they were in her eyes anyway) and put them in the shed at the bottom of the garden. It was then left to her parents to tell the neighbours where their ‘lost dogs’ were. She left school at 15 and started working with horses at a local dealers yard. She was so skinny that the customers all thought that if she could ride the horse then they certainly could. Later she would buy horses that other people couldn’t ride and re-school them and then sell them on. She was a brilliant horsewoman and had a remarkable affinity with horses just as she had with dogs and was well respected within the equine world.

Lynne had her first dobermann when she was 18 years old, he was called Winston. Although Winston was not really shown himself, Lynne did begin showing and then breeding pretty much right from the start and this was the beginning of Otherton Dobermanns. Over the years Lynne has been associated with several breeds including Rottweilers, Smooth Fox Terriers and Bernese Mountain Dogs to mention a few, but her passion for her dobes was at the forefront throughout. She was an expert in whelping and rearing puppies and she would spend endless hours caring for newborns and making sure that the weakling made it and she had a real gift for it too. If someone called up to ask advice on a problem with their new pup it didn’t matter if it was one of hers or bred by someone else they would get as much help as they needed.

Lynne has bred and owned numerous champions within several breeds and for the last 10 years alongside her long- term partner Les she has become a consultant within his business of dog training and canine behaviour where her knowledge and expertise of dealing with youngsters has helped numerous people with their pups. Lynne also loved to judge and did so with relish both here in the UK and abroad and she was overjoyed to be invited to judge Dobermann dogs at Crufts 2008 however she would be the first to say that, although she loved to judge, it was showing and competing that she loved the most.

The world of dogs will be a sadder place without her and our sympathy goes to partner Les, children Daniel and Jodie and sisters Suzy and Polly. The funeral took place on Thursday 8th January.

Sue Mycroft


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