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Sequel to Pedigree Dogs Exposed planned

OUR DOGS understands that a follow up to last year’s Pedigree Dogs Exposed is likely to be screened towards the end of 2009, and programme-maker Jemima Harrison of Passionate Productions has already mentioned online several breeds which may appear.

Last year’s programme caused uproar within the world of dogs for its part in showing dogs which were apparently suffering unnecessarily in the name of TV. The aftermath which followed the screening has had far-reaching consequences, including alleged puppy farmers advertising dogs ‘not KC Registered’.

Ms Harrison’s second production aims to ‘show how things have changed since the first programme’, though many are doubtful as to the programme’s intentions and would also claim that changes were being made long before the programme was aired. Indeed, on an internet poll, a huge majority (85%) of the people asked whether they would consider appearing on the new programme said no, with four undecided and just eight saying they would be happy to be involved.


It is likely that the next production will concentrate on Dalmatians as one subject, a breed which Ms Harrison claims to have ‘read every scientific paper on’. In the programme the makers aim to ‘expose’ the breed’s hearing problems, as well as to show the link between the Dalmatian’s lack of pigment and hearing problems. She also told users of a show dog website that she looked forward to ‘less wrinkly Neapolitan mastiffs etc etc’.

Many people also commented on Ms Harrison’s quote (which appeared on the same web site) regarding last year’s programme, in which she said: ‘We have been criticised for not including the good things in the first film, but we did that for a reason - it would not have had the impact it’s had.’ She also advocates cross-breeding to dilute certain problems in different breeds, with mention of a Dalmatian/Pointer cross.

It appears that several German Shepherd Dog breeders have already expressed an interest in being involved in the second programme, with the belief that this will ‘help them to push the KC into giving them what they want’, according to Passionate Productions.

Other breeds given mention are Bloodhounds and Dachshunds, with possible follow up footage on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Rhodesian Ridgeback. There is also a possibility that mating techniques in the Bulldog will be looked at.

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Can I quote the part that states several GSD breeders have expressed an interest in being involved in the second programme ..... just the one paragraph She has joined PDB coming out with all sorts of C*** none of it with upto date scientific data, I can email you her post as I have copied to a word documnet then she cant deny whats said if the posts are deleted.

Pam Phillips

I would be very careful what you say on online forums as on the last programme she took peoples comments out of context and manipulated them to fit her distorted pre-selected opinion of the dog world. She has already been fuelling heated arguements with ignorant comments on other dog websites. Doing 'research' for the programme or just trying to provoke the response she desires? 
Best if we don't entertain her with a response to such silly juvenile comments.


Sadly some people's vanity at appearing on TV will cloud their better judgement, and subsequently drop the rest of us in it!