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APGAW submissions: further guidance

FOLLOWING a number of enquiries from breed clubs and breeders asking for guidance on the APGAW call for written evidence and how to respond, they have put together some guidance points which people may find helpful if they are planning on making a submission.

• The APGAW Review should be focused on all dogs and not just pedigree dogs.

• The documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed was misleading and failed to acknowledge the work of the Kennel Club and breed clubs in tackling breed health.

• A great deal of research has and is continuing to be undertaken to improve the health and welfare of pedigree dogs, funded by dog breeders, the Kennel Club and the breed clubs.

• Breed standards are a picture in words for each breed and are designed to produce healthy dogs. Standards include a requirement for breeders and judges to make health, welfare and temperament their top priority.

As the KC has no statutory powers a minimum set of standards (for example, the principles of the Accredited Breeder Scheme), should be made compulsory so that ANY breeder (pedigree and non pedigree) wishing to produce or sell puppies would be required to comply.

Whatever rules are brought in must apply to all breeders – not just those registering with the KC and/or those who breed and show their dogs – if we are to maintain a level playing field and not make life ‘easy’ for puppy farmers.

Your submission should be sent to You can ring Marisa Heath on 07736 899 547 if you have any further queries.

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I write as a CKCS owner. All my dogs (6) are and have been show dogs. I have bred the majority of them, taking very careful pains to ensure the stud dogs health and of course my bitches health and welfare.

I think you will find that MOST Cavalier breeders are the same as me.
The Government in conjunction with the RSPCA should turn it's venom to getting rid of puppy farms where most,not all puppies are sickly.
ALL my puppies were and still are healthy, the eldest being 8years old.
I think the BBC programme was so edited it beggars belief!!!
Mrs Beryl Vass(Clauberry Cavaliers)