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Viva la Arden Grange!

Deborah Elliott, Eurotunnel, and Dawn Dugdalr
Deborah Elliott, Eurotunnel, and Dawn Dugdalr, Arden Grange,
handing out samples on a freezing cold morning at the Calais pet terminal.

IF YOU passed through Eurotunnel’s French Pets Control Lounge early in the New Year, on what was statistically the busiest weekend of the year for the terminal,
you might have been in for a treat on hand from Arden Grange.

The independent, family-run business was extremely proud to find itself the only pet food company to be invited by Eurotunnel to join them at the French Pets Control Lounge over the weekend of 3rd/4th January 2009. During the busy two day period, over 900 cats and dogs passed through the terminal to travel back to the UK with Eurotunnel.

Eurotunnel is officially The Kennel Club’s number one choice for crossing the Channel and since the launch of Passport for Pets Scheme in February 2000 up to October 2008 they have carried 207,957 dogs, 17,354 cats and 40 ferrets!

The 35 minute crossing time between Folkestone and Calais, along with the convenience and comfort that your family pet remains with you during the crossing, is why Eurotunnel is the natural choice.

Arden Grange produces high quality and reasonably priced products, aiming to be the pet owner’s ‘natural choice’ with their super premium, hypoallergenic pet food for cats and dogs.

Arden Grange Show Manager, Chris Mellor, was in attendance at the French Pets Control Lounge, handing out a carrier bag containing a 1kg bag of dog food and a pack of crunchy bite treats to all dog owners and a 500g bag of cat food for the cat owners amongst the passengers.

The event was met with great approval from Eurotunnel. Deborah Elliot, Marketing Manager for Eurotunnel, said: ‘Eurotunnel was delighted to welcome Arden Grange onto its French terminal. Eurotunnel is the preferred choice of cross-Channel travel for pets and, with around 900 pet-owners returning to the UK on 3rd - 4th January, all those who received complimentary bags of pet food were thrilled!’

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