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Obituary - Mrs Francis Sally Stewart

On a cold winter’s morning on the 9th January a service in celebration of Mrs Francis Sally Stewart's life was held at St. Edburga's Church, Leigh, Worcestershire, however, despite the cold the Church was packed with people from all walks of life.

Sally, as she preferred to be known, loved her dogs and was always there to help with puppies, rescued dogs or just to talk. She was also deeply interested in her local community to which she committed a great deal of her time.

Sally was a founder member of the Midland Golden Retriever Club and attended the inaugural meeting on 8th February 1976 and was a member of the executive committee from the very first meeting. She became the MGRC Secretary in January 1992 and held this position until January 2003. She remained on the committee until January 2007 when she retired and became a life member. I remember Sally for her dedication, her tremendous sense of humour and all the wisdom she imparted during the journey’s home from committee meetings. She worked tirelessly to support Midland Golden Retriever Club and The Cavalier Club for whom she had also held the position of Secretary and then Chairman.

Sally was also a committee member of other clubs including the prestigious WELKS and Three Counties Championship Show. In the earlier days she officiated as a championship show judge and worked and showed her own dogs. Leigh Court was often the lively venue of MGRC ‘fun days’, barbecues and working tests. Sally’s greatest asset to the world of dogs was her commitment and her ability to organise.

The committees of many shows and events will be very much the poorer without her good-humoured and very knowledgeable presence, not least of all the committee and members of the Midland Golden Retriever Club, where she is greatly missed.

Mrs Sandra Lane
Chairman MGRC

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