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KC’s database upgraded

THE KENNEL Club’s new Health Database was upgraded again over Christmas. Breeders expressed concern when typing in their dogs’ names to find the wrong parents were shown. As part of the ongoing development this is now corrected and where dogs have the same or similar names over a number of breeds anyone searching for a particular dog can click onto the breed to get the right dog.

Another concern which was raised over the database was the lateness of results being added. OUR DOGS asked the KC and BVA why this might be happening. The KC told us that the results are updated within 5 to 10 days of them being received by the Kennel Club. When we pointed out that breeders have dogs which were tested as late as September 2008 but were still not added the KC told us that they had not yet been received from the BVA. Glen Dymock, the Accredited Breeder Scheme manager, told us that if breeders wanted to send in copies of their results they would be accepted and added to the health database.

Some breeders have claimed that they have not been able to add puppies to the KC register with the Accredited Breeder Scheme highlighted by the litter. Glen explained that if a Breeder puts a litter on the register and it does not show up as being bred by an accredited breeder they can contact the KC and this will be swiftly sorted out. There are many reasons why this may happen, examples might be where a bitch is eye tested while in whelp, and her results do not reach the KC prior to the litter going on the register, and similarly if the stud dog is tested but is re-tested once the litter is born, and the results are not with the KC before the litter is placed on the register.

As Glen had assured us that the problem was not with the KC putting health results onto the new health database, we contacted the BVA. Sandra, the Canine Health Schemes manager, was able to clear up why the results are so out of date. Since September last year the BVA Canine Health Schemes department has been short-staffed and has had to move into temporary accommodation as major re-building work needed to be done to their building. This has led to a situation where they have been unable to send over to the KC any health results arriving at the BVA department since 1st September 2008. She told us that the results will start to be sent across by the end of this week and the back log, they hope, will be cleared shortly thereafter. If anybody needs to have their health results fast-tracked to the KC Sandra has given Our Dogs a number that breeders can call: 0207 908 6381.

We asked Sandra if there were other problems which might hold up health results reaching the KC, and was told that, as breeders are allowed to appeal a bad result, the BVA decided that they must hold all test results for one month before passing them to the KC. When asked if in some cases the panellists may hold onto health results and send in one or two months’ worth of results at any one time, Sandra admitted that this was also a possible cause for delaying health results being received by the KC. It would seem that guidelines should be perhaps issued for submitting results to the BVA and then to the KC, otherwise the health database may not work as well as it is hoped it will by both the BVA and the KC.

Anyone who currently receives the Breed Record Supplements will know that the KC publish eye test results, from the AHT and the EVCO. The new health database results from these bodies will not be added as the health database will only record the BVA results. The KC has stated in the past that they have preferred health testing partners and all health tests either BVA eye, elbow or hip scores and DNA tests are listed on the KC genetic site and if anybody is in any doubt they are advised to contact the KC, rather than use an organisation not listed and then face having to have a test re-done. This could be very costly to breeders, especially as most DNA tests are very expensive.

Both Glen and Sandra have told Our Dogs that if any breeder has any concerns about the health database or the Accredited Breeder Scheme they should contact Glen, or for getting health results fast-tracked they should contact Sandra.


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