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Border Collie dies defending his family

RURAL CRIME is often unreported amidst the headlines of gloom and doom we so often hear, and in the case of the heroism display by Prince, a Border Collie who gave his life to defend his family, this was no exception.

On 3rd January burglars broke into the house of John and Lucy Lawer, near Truro, and Prince, their faithful Collie and family pet, tried valiantly to see them off. The thieves smashed him across his back with an unknown object before fleeing into the night. Sadly for the Lawer family, Prince has died from the injuries he sustained that night, despite veterinary care; his back was so badly damaged that he had to be put to sleep to save him from suffering.

‘It's a quiet country lane and there's no reason for anyone to be down there. Prince was a great guard dog and you could tell by his bark if something was wrong,’ said Stephanie Borys.

‘He was going berserk and then there was dead silence, which is not like him - he would keep barking. Next thing a car started up and drove off. This has left a big empty space in our lives. I think people need to know, especially if they have pets, that these horrible people are out there.’
Prince had lived all his life on the family farm and helped with the family’s sheep as well as protected the chickens from foxes. The family have buried Prince in a field on their land.

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