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East of England new dates

At its recent meeting, the General Committee considered three applications from General Canine Societies to change the date of their Championship Shows to the dates previously held by South Wales Kennel Association.

The Committee was encouraged by the high quality of the three proposals, and by the positive approach taken by all three Societies and the way in which they demonstrated their commitment to exhibitors and to the continual improvement of their shows.

Having considered the three applications, the Committee was of the view that the proposal which best met the strategic objectives of the Kennel Club was that submitted by the East of England Agricultural Society.

The Kennel Club can confirm that the dates and group splits for the East of England Agricultural Society’s Championship Shows will be as follows:

2009: Friday 10th July, Hound Toy & Terrier; Saturday 11th July, Gundog & Utility; Sunday 12th July, Working & Pastoral

2010: Friday 9th July, Working & Pastoral; Saturday 10th July, Hound Toy & Terrier, Sunday 11th July, Gundog & Utility

2011: Friday 8th July, Gundog & Utility; Saturday 9th July, Working & Pastoral; Sunday 10th July, Hound Toy & Terrier

Andrew Mercer, Chief Executive of the East of England Agricultural Society said: ‘We are delighted to have been awarded the new dates for our show, which will allow us to develop a range of new features to take advantage of our indoor Exhibition Centre. We work hard to attract exhibitors and the general public and the new dates, new attractions, and improved format will make attending our show all the more appealing’.

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