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Lady del Campo Di Diana (Imp Ned)

OUR DOGS was sorry to hear of the passing of one of the UK’s top Bracco in recent years. She was almost 10 years old.

Imported by the Homstar kennel of Phil and Lynne March from Karol Labberte and Marieke Hamakers, Lady had a successful show career which included two best Import Register and twelve Best of Sex at Championship shows. Lady was top Bracco in 2002.

However, that wasn’t her major achievement of the year. One evening after a night out and with Lynne already retired to bed, Phil slipped into a diabetic coma. Lynne awoke to the sound of Lady barking furiously, and on investigating the noise, found Phil (Lady’s erstwhile companion Lord Del Campo Di Diana had meanwhile surrounded Phil with all of his cuddly toys), the ambulance staff credited Lady with saving Phil’s life. She was honoured for this achievement at the following years AGM with a special presentation by the Bracco Italiano Society.

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