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Manchester takes the bull by the horns in final Final!

The evening of Wednesday, 14th January saw the last ever Pedigree Stakes Final, on this occasion hosted, and stewarded, by a hard working, and highly efficient, Manchester Dog Show Society team on the eve of this year’s championship show at the New Bingley Hall, Stafford Show Ground.

An evening with a frosty chill in the air was countered by a warm welcome and judging began at 5pm with excellent running commentary by Graham Hill of the Welsh Kennel Club. The celebration dinner that followed was equally relaxed and jovial, if tinged with a little sadness at the passing of what has been one of the most highly acclaimed fixtures in the dog show calendar. The sentiment was eloquently expressed by Mike Townsend, (apparently a late replacement for Kate Winslet as she was unable to read her invitation, smudged by her own tears following her Golden Globe successes!) who spoke on behalf of the guests

Golden oldies

Judge Anne MacDonald short-listed 8 in the Veteran Stakes: the Bath qualifier, Hadfield’s Saluki Ch Baghdad Foreign affair at Lokhandar; the Border Union qualifier, Sheila Stoddard’s Australian Terrier Ch Millvalley Heather Belle; Bland’s Welsh Pembroke Corgi Ch Penliath Shooting Star; the East of England qualifier, Leach’s Siberian Husky Ch Forstal Kaliznik; the Belfast qualifier, Lynn and Neilson’s Flat Coated Retriever Sh Ch/Norw/Fin/Sw Ch Almanza Roundabout; the LKA qualifier, Harwood’s Miniature Poodle Ch Minarets Secret Assignment; the Bournemouth qualifier, Corbett’s English Springer Spaniel Sh Ch Trimere Tuscany and the Southern Counties qualifier, Welch’s Pointer Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Top Man.

The well known Miniature Poodle Ch Minarets Secret Assignment added yet another achievement to his illustrious career by taking the number one spot followed by the Pointer in second, the Saluki third, the English Springer fourth and the Welsh Pembroke Corgi fifth.

Champion Stakes

Judge Bob Gregory short-listed 8: - the Manchester qualifier, Luscott’s Lhasa Apso Ch Jalus Galileo; the SKC May qualifier, Greachan’s Ch Myhalston Mr Malachi; the Three Counties qualifier, Bulldog Ch Iceglint I’m Harry; Barrett’s rough Collie Ch Brooklynson From Rio; the WKC qualifier, Robertson’s Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Ch Soletrader My Aphrodisiac; the SKC August qualifier, Guy’s Griffon Bruxellois Ch Donzeata Royal Vintage; the Gundog Society of Wales qualifier, Crag and Armstrong’s Hungarian Vizsla Sh Ch/Aus Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind and the Driffield qualifier, Holt’s Newfoundland Ch Sheridel Nerissa of Alphabear.

Some might say it was ‘against all odds’ following recent adverse media coverage of the breed, but judge Bob Gregory showed no hesitation in selecting the Bulldog as his winner – a decision warmly applauded by an appreciative audience.

Second was the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen followed by the Hungarian Vizsla in third, the Great Dane fourth and the Lhasa Apso fifth.

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