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What would Charles Cruft have said?

Charles Cruft

The Kennel Club’s dog owners’ group, KC Dog, established to help dog owners protect their rights, is calling on all dog owners in Ottery St Mary to speak out against draconian dog control orders proposed by East Devon District Council.

East Devon District Council’s proposals, put forward by Ottery Town Council, call for dogs to be excluded and kept on leads in a number of areas across East Devon, but most notably in Ottery St Mary. But what many readers may not know is that the town was the home of Charles Cruft’s grandson, also called Charles, until the late 1990s.

Our photo here shows Charles with his wife on the occasion of his 90th birthday up to which he was a regular visitor to Crufts shows - often as a guest of the Kennel Club.

KC Dog has been working with local campaign group Ottery Dogs to promote responsible dog ownership and fight against the proposals. From information gained under the Freedom of Information Act it is unclear what evidence or reasons have led to the proposed orders. See the Kennel Club press release in this week's issue.

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