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Daily Mail advises readers to ‘buy a mongrel’

AVOID HUGE vet’s bills by avoiding pedigree dogs and going for mongrels, that was the message The Daily Mail gave to its readers earlier this week.

In its column on how to save money, it warned of the costs to owners regarding legal costs which may arise from dog bites, as well as how to get the best out of your pet insurance and advice on buying food in bulk and avoiding the ‘40 per cent extra cost of insuring a pedigree dog.’ It all said that the mongrel would ‘cost up to a third less to care for,’ according to research by Sainsbury bank.

The article continued: ‘That's because non-pedigrees tend to be more robust, don't need specialist food and so on. Your best bet is to take in a rescue animal - you will almost certainly pay less than if you go to a pet shop or breeder. Many charities just request a donation when you agree to home an animal, and some will even arrange subsidised vaccinations and neutering where necessary before you pick up your new pet.

More ‘advice’ was to keep on top of vaccinations in order to avoid costly illnesses, and also to avoid the vets if possible, unless you suspect it is really poorly. It says: ‘In the same way that every time we sneeze we don't rush to the doctor, at the first sign of a cold, you really don't need to dash to the vet.’

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