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Cheshire County Show
Group Judging and Best in Show

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely show. Also my sincere thanks to Neville and Evan, my loyal stewards, who guided me through two busy days. I had some good dogs to go over.

My eventual Best in Show was Bowker’s Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Ch Am Ch Rivergroves Murphy
-Goode (Imp) Sh Cm . 5½ years, this beautiful dog, so full of quality and class, his superb outline
complimented by his wonderful movement. Sound in every way, he thoroughly deserved this award. Reserve Best in Show, the Borzoi bitch Dawson’s Stubbylee Jazz Diva JW, 2½ years, shown in immaculate condition, extremely sound in all ways, beautifully constructed, in full coat.

Best Puppy in Show, Grayson’s Basenji Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau, 6½ months. What a smartie. So balanced throughout, lovely outline, excellent expression, very sound on the move. One to watch in the future.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show Whitfield’s Akita Gracemere’s Dancin Queen, 9 months, what an exceptional youngster, full of quality, shown in immaculate condition, very sound on the move, balanced throughout.

AVNSC Sporting Hound Terrier Gundogs

Puppy Dog or Bitch (7)

1st: Moult’s Decoymans Piper Maple of Croftwell, Nova Scotia Duck Toller. 6½ months, very
promising, sound and well

2nd: O’Neill’s Plushcourt Buccaneer, Portugese Podengo.

3rd: James’s Kandecx Moonlight Serenade, Basset Griffon Vendeen.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (11)

1st: Thorley’s Eastonite Chesnut at Gempoint, Brittany Spaniel. 2 years, of good type, lovely
outline, super side gait, sound.

2nd: Griffiths’s Dazzleby Daffodil, Foxhound.

3rd: Denman’s Spanish Water Dog, Briarlow Marley Soul Rebel.

Open (12)

1st: Clarke-O’Neill’s Kerry Blue Terrier. 3 years, dog, Shown in immaculate condition and order, very smart throughout, extremely sound. Best AVNSC Sporting.

2nd: Egan’s Ibizan Hound Ch Paran Under Pressure.

3rd: Griffiths Foxhound Dazzleby Dandelion.

AV Sporting Veteran (21) Dog

1st: Green’s Retriever (Flatcoat) Hertarns Dr Pepper. 7½ years, very fit, extremely sound, lovely outline. Showed himself off to advantage.

2nd: Wright’s Anacapa Solo Flyer Sh Cm.

3rd: Sheldon’s Whippet Barmoll Broken Silence over Daliam.

Veteran Bitch (19)

1st: Egan’s Ibizan Hound Ch Paran Grace Under Pressure, bitch, 10 years. In fabulous condition for one of this age. Her movement was so good and so sound, won a strong class.

2nd: Nuttall’s Weimaraner Sh Ch Helmstar Hot Flush.

3rd: Miles’s Cocker Spaniel Kyrenia Golden Times.

AV Import Register Terrier Gundog Hound Junior (1)

1st: Agnew’s Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga. Cirneco Dell’ Etna. 12 month bitch, nice outline, side movment ok, just needs to firm in front and rear movement.

Post Graduate (1)

1st: Bruno Ravine, Bavarian Mountain Hound. Dog, 3 years, with a good outline, sound on the move, a good example.

AV Hound Special Open Dog or Bitch (14)

1st: Walshe’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Monduri Kasulu Kasinda, bitch, 15 months. A little plain in head, well constructed and balanced sound on the move.

2nd: Edge’s Beagle All The Way To Vigor.

3rd: Hayes’s Afghan Valkor Chasing Rainbows at Saksfifth

Winner of the Terrier Group was the Kerry Blue Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Banaek.

Group 2 The Border Terrier Goldings Foxcraig Magic Star at Beacon Pike.

Group 3 Mc Grath’s Jajca Phoenix From The Flame, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Group 4 Churm’s Digelsa Dream Maker of Wystry, Manchester Terrier.

Puppy Terrier Group

1st: Fawcett’s Border Terrier Carrock Clayton, very smart, balanced and sound.

2nd: Forshaw’s Manchester Terrier, Janzina Rock Star.

Hound Group

Group 1 Dawson’s Borzoi, Stubbylee Jazz Diva. 2½ years, a lovely elegant bitch, full of quality and breed type, very sound, shown in superb condition. I was pleased to award her Reserve Best in Show.

Group 2 Greaves and Croxfords Elkhound Ir Ch Ennafort Class Act at Swillyvalley.

Group 3 Malley’s Irish Wolfhound, Ainsea Phoenix Nights.

Group 4 Parker and Stevens Beagle, Serenaker Divine Devil

Hound Puppy Group

Group 1 Graysons Basenji Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau, 6½ months, dog. What a superb puppy, so very smart and balanced in all ways. Extremely sound, beautifully presented. One to watch in the future.

Group 2 Irving and Bannister’s Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit), Switherland Northern Girl.

Group 3 McCarthy-Booth’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Jarhiba Ikshula

Group 4 Kugow’s Dachshund Miniature Wirehaired, Weildmeister Steffi

AV Terrier Special Open Dog or Bitch (10)

1st: Speake’s Border Terrier bitch Fehmorn Love Me Do. 14 months, good head and
expression, well balanced throughout and sound in movement.

2nd: Speake’s Aurora’s Popcorn Border Terrier

3rd: Clarke’s Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, Loofahsa Scaramouche

AV Gundog Special Open Dog or Bitch (23)

1st: Wright’s Retriever (Flat Coat) Dog, Lakemere Moonlight Shadow JW Sh CM. 4 years, very smart dog, good balance and type. Shown in excellent coat and condition.

2nd: Denman’s Spanish Water Dog, Briarlow Marley Soul Rebel.

3rd: Miles’s Cocker Spaniel, Whirlow Lady Luella.

George Evans Memorial Stakes Open Dog or Bitch (18)

1st: Edge’s Beagle bitch, All The Way To Vigor, 5 years, clean outline, sound on the move, showed well.

2nd: Miles’s Cocker Spaniel Whirlow Lady Isabella.

3rd: Speake’s Fehmarn Love Me Do

Mrs Meg Purnell, judge

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