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National Terrier says bye to John!

AT its recent AGM, Max King was elected to serve as Chairman of the National Terrier Club following the retirement of Mr John Bunting.

John BuntingJohn Bunting became a Member of the National Terrier Club in 1986 and was elected as a Committee Member in 1989, Vice-Chairman of Committee in 1995 and Chairman in 1998. A vote of thanks was offered to John at the AGM for the years of service to the National Terrier Club and everyone present wished him and his wife a long and happy retire ment.

Max KingMax King became a member of the Club in 1992 and was elected to serve as a Committee Member in 1998. Following the retirement of Monica Shuttleworth (who served as Secretary/Treasurer) in 2003 Max was appointed Acting Treasurer and was elected to the post at the AGM in 2004. He was elected Chairman at the AGM in 2009.

At the AGM, John Dace was elected to replace Max as Treasurer. John Dace became a member of the National Terrier Club in 1997.

The National Terrier Club has a Committee of six, two of which retire each year. Joe Ashe and Roger Crooks offered themselves for re-election at the AGM and they were re-elected. There was a further vacancy on the Committee as Charles Allenden had resigned because of pressure of work overseas. David Taylor, who has been a member of the National Terrier Club since 1991, was elected to fill this vacancy.

The Officers and Committee look forward to the future working with the newly elected members.

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