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Ruby joins the team!

OUR DOGS is delighted that the canine owning fraternity associated with the paper now extends to the MD of our printers and his family.

RubyIan Fisher is the Managing Director of Morton’s of Horncastle, and although his golf game has gone to the dogs, he clearly is an avid dog lover (together with his wife Alison) as they are now the proud owners of a new and delightful Staffordshire Bull terrier, pet name Ruby.

Ruby full name is Niatona Gemstone out of Ch Niatona to Sir with Love and bred by Diane Taylor and Trevor Taylor.

As Ian and Alison told OUR DOGS, “We chose a Stafford for a few different reasons. We have quite young children and wanted a dog that would be reliable with them. A friend of ours had one with three children and her behaviour with them was brilliant.

Ruby‘Additionally, although we like large dogs very much, we thought the size may be a little over powering for the children, especially as Ruby is our first dog. We think that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are big dogs in a little body as they have many characteristics of a larger dog, and certainly have a big heart.”

Needless to say that a number of complimentary dog treats will be winging their way to Ruby, courtesy of the OUR DOGS team not least because our own Editor Ali Smith is a Stafford owner herself.

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