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A new partner in quality for leading UK Awards

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Our Dogs is delighted to announce that the future of our three highly popular competitions is secure following a new partnership with Viyo Elite.

We welcome Viyo Elite as a new Title Partner for the prestigious Top Breeder, Top Sire and Top Puppy awards. These competitions have been a respected tradition for over 25 years and enjoy a great reputation amongst the UK’s breeders and exhibitors. The awards are designed to recognise consistent winning performances at dog shows throughout the calendar year. They honour the endeavours of dedicated breeders and specialists to constantly produce top quality dogs in all breeds. Viyo Elite aims to support top breeders with its revolutionary and high performance liquid formula, pushing the breeding quality boundaries to new heights. For Viyo Elite, the Title Partnership is an ideal opportunity to work closely with ethical breeders who are breeding dogs fit for function.

On going results will be published in the paper as in previous years and of course on our exclusive web site. Additionally breeders can check their progress, see photos and order products from three brand new web sites.

We recommend you go online now and register with Viyo Elite which is exclusively available to breeders at the following web shops:

Registration is not essential to be part of the competitions, as the results are compiled by OUR DOGS from wins at shows. However, to maximise the benefits of the partnership, and to see what Viyo Elite can do for your dogs, go online and see for your self on any of the web sites.
Viyo Elite has already established itself in Europe, being used by many top winners across a range of breeds including a group winner at Crufts 2009.

Speaking on behalf of the company Dr Wim Van Kerkhoven said : ´´The Title Partnership of this most prestigious of UK awards is an important milestone for Viyo Elite. It is an acknowledgement of professional recognition for our continuous efforts to improve and maintain the condition of top breeds. But most of all, it symbolises a real partnership with the breeders community.”

For OUR DOGS, Ad Director John Holden said, “Awards will be made from the OUR DOGS stands at Crufts in 2010 and all our special issues will once more appear. In the current economic climate, we are delighted to secure such a great partnership for these flag ship competitions and we feel confident that they will go from strength to strength for the benefit of all. We are also pleased to announce that rare and import breeds will be integrated to the main competitions this year“

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