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Obituary - Miss Winifred Lawrence

On Saturday 27th June, Winifred ‘Winnie’ Lawrence, the Patron of the Basenji Club of Great Britain (BCGB), died peacefully at a Sussex Nursing Home. She was 97 years of age and had been associated with the BCGB for many years, holding a number of offices in the Club including Chair, President and, latterly, Patron.

She was a long standing friend of the late Veronica Tudor Williams and often used to drive her to shows. Winnie’s affix was Nimshi and she founded her Basenjis on ‘Of The Congo’ bloodlines. Her most famous Basenji was Ch Apollo of Nimshi by Ch Fleet of the Congo ex Periwinkle of the Congo, born in 1958. Later on Winnie also kept Miniature Pinschers, using the Nimshi affix.

Her good friend Bunty Bowers used to visit Winnie regularly and tells me that she attended Winnie’s 90th birthday celebrations. Bunty also told me that Winnie had a lengthy career in nursing - progressing from novice nurse to become Head of Nursing for the whole of the London Area after WW11.

Nowadays they don’t make them like Winifred Lawrence, who left no immediate family but she will be much missed by her friends.

Les Siddall

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