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Copied pedigrees used to sell dogs

Breeders who put the pedigrees of their dogs on commercial or their own websites are being warned that these pedigrees can, and are being copied and used by unscrupulous breeders and dealers to boost sales of their puppies.

One such website is based in India has apparently taken pedigrees from a popular UK based internet site, and put them on their own website advertising puppies for sale. The website gives its location as being in Mumbai and Thane, the kennel is said to be spread over 10 acres of land, 30 kilometres from Mumbai.

Tasha Phillips told us, “I am on the committee for the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain so acting on their behalf - and as a regular exercise - we check litters for sale or dogs up for rescue on the net and this was one that I came across. We like to be pro-active where we can as a club to make sure that dogs that need rescuing or owners who need support are given help when it’s needed, but also to keep an eye on the more disreputable breeders. One of the benefits of being a club member is the background work that goes on that so few people know or appreciate”.

As soon as the breeders whose pedigrees were being used found out they contacted the website they are members of and the web site owners took swift action to get the pedigrees removed from the Indian site. Although the pedigrees are no longer there, you can scroll down the pages advertising the puppies to where the site owners are claiming to have for sale puppies from the UK, Ireland and Europe. among other places.

White Dobermann

Interestingly under the Labrador puppies pictured there is a claim that the puppies for sale are from “Sire Ch Rosan Beauty De Balancet Dam Ch Rocheby Polka”, this appears near the bottom of the page. It is the only breed with a pedigree claim under the pictures.

The other puppies offered are Boxers, Rottweilers and Dobermanns, which are offered in a variety of colours, including white Dobermanns. All the breeds offered are described as having health tests done, including OFA certification which is the AKC certification scheme. The latter three breeds are offered with or with out cropped ears, a practice long since banned in the UK. The prices asked for the puppies are $1200 each.

“I contacted Trading Standards, the police etc and they all came back with 'nothing we can do because there is no victim’ they need someone to have lost money before they can act. Trading Standards asked for people to make a formal complaint to them, the more the better because then they have a record and could possibly do something at a later date”, Tasha told us, adding, “It makes you feel very helpless. I also contacted the KC, sadly had no advice to offer and effectively told me to contact the RSPCA or the Indian Kennel Club who also could do nothing. I would like to have seen the KC be a bit more proactive where these things are concerned, even if it’s just to do as I did and contact the owners of the pedigrees”.

Complaints have been made to Yahoo who host to the web site, but so far no action seems to have been taken.

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