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Obituary - George Jarrett

IT IS with deep sadness that I report the death of George Jarrett following a short illness.

George with his wife Audrey came into the Bull Terrier breed shortly after the Second World War where George had a distinguished career serving in the Royal Navy. They bred Bull Terriers on a very small scale during what is generally accepted as the ‘Golden Era’ of the breed when the large kennels dominated. Nevertheless with a very limited breeding programme they achieved significant success, producing a number of key bitches that appear in many pedigrees both in the UK and throughout the world including Valkyrie Fairy Queen, V. Kashdowd Lilac Time, V. Kashdowd Kascade, V Gemini, V Vesta of Harpers (grand-dam of Regent Trophy winner Ch Harpers Holiday), V. Gemini, the litter sisters V Veri Meri and V Veri Gay (who is behind all our own animals), and the US Champions V Milk Tray and V Moon Marble.Their most notable success in the show ring was with Ch Iella White Rose of Valkyrie who many felt was unlucky to go unrewarded in the 1971 Regent Trophy where she lost out on a major award by a judge’s split decision. Their most recent ring success was with Hatchmead Melody of Valkyrie who was a Regent Trophy competitor in 1985.Their success was not purely restricted to bitches and their dogs, Iella Rockafella of Valkyrie (sire of Ch Jobrulu Philadelphus) and the brindle male US Ch Valkyrie Ventura, made an impact in the US.

However, it was for his work with the Bull Terrier Clubs that George will be probably best remembered, he was one of the driving forces behind the West of England Bull Terrier Club where he was Chairman, President and life member and helped change it from a social club with just a few members into a major influence in the Bull Terrier breed with Championship status. He held similar offices for the Bull Terrier Club where he was also a merit badge holder and as Chairman he was able to steer the club through some particularly difficult times. George was a tremendous diplomat and he was like the proverbial swan, able to keep a calm and soothing exterior when he may be paddling furiously behind the scenes, working to resolve an impending crisis.
George was one of the last true Gentlemen of the dog fancy. His manners were impeccable, he always dressed immaculately and he had a warm smile and a firm handshake for everyone involved with the sport. He had the ability to make everyone feel special and welcome whether they be an old friend or a newcomer attending a show for the first time. He was a man of great character and his passing marks the end of an era. Our hearts go out to his family, but particularly to his wife Audrey who he was completely devoted to.

Bill Lambert

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Hi Bill, I'm Stuart Nolan (George's grandson). A brief note from me to say thank you for such a well written obituary of George.  You have summed up him up so well, especially in your last paragraph.  I remember throughout my childhood how committed he was to the breed and how much he enjoyed his roles at the West of England Bull Terrier Club and also the Bull Terrier Club. 

We all miss him but at the same time feel lucky we were able to share our lives with him.  You are quiet right in saying his passing marks the end of an era.  As the saying goes "they don't make them like that anymore". Best wishes and thanks.  Stuart 

Stuart Nolan