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Health monitors to visit championship shows

The Kennel Club has announced that it remains committed to safeguarding and improving canine health and welfare and, as a part of this process, exhibitors should be aware that Kennel Club appointed Health and Welfare Monitors will be present at a number of General and Group Championship Shows during 2009.

Show Societies will be required to refer to the Show Veterinary Surgeon any exhibits which have been brought to their attention by the Health and Welfare Monitor and, should such a report be received, the dog will be referred to the Show Vet for them to determine whether the report is valid. If the allegation is upheld the dog will be excluded from subsequent competition at the show by the Show Management. The new regulations give authority for this action to be taken. The Show Vet’s decision is final and a written report will be forwarded to the Kennel Club for consideration.

Should a dog be required to undergo an examination by the Show Vet at the show, it is expected that an exhibitor will co-operate fully with this procedure. Therefore, the exhibitor should allow the examination procedure to be carried out unhindered and without obstruction.

It should be noted that the exhibitor may, if they wish, withdraw the dog from further competition rather than be subject to the Show Vet’s examination of the dog.

Such monitoring will not take place at breed club shows, as there are many licensed shows which do not have a Show Vet in attendance, and at these shows the upholding of canine health and welfare standards rests entirely with the appointed judges. To give authority for this, Regulation F(1)21.n has been amended. Under these circumstances the judge’s decision is final and the dog does not need to be referred to a Show Vet.

In both instances a dog which has been excluded from further competition may remain within the precincts of the show

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