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Judging changes - SKC

THE SCOTTISH Kennel Club have issued several judging changes for their Championship show being held on 29th & 30th August 2009.

On Working Group Day 1 St Bernards (Non CC) will be judged by Mrs J. Howell-Edwards (Grimoire). On Utility Group Day 1 Keeshonds (Non CC) will be judged by Mr T. Mather (Barklots). On Toy Group Day 1 (subject to KC approval) Japanese Chins (CC) will be judged by Mrs J. E. McFarlane (Glendyke) and Miniature Pinschers (CC) will be judged by Mr A. Bendelow (Kimbering/Casarow).

Additionally, Stewards are required for the above show - if you are available and interested, please contact SKC's offices on 0131 665 3920 or alternatively e-mail

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