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EJ and Allen mix with the stars

Allen, EJ and Alan Whicker
Photo: Toby Madden
Allen, EJ and Alan Whicker

Most of us can only dream of an invitation arriving requesting our company to join the world's rich and famous at the prestigious Harper Collins Summer party, which was held at the Victoria and Albert museum last week.

As one of the authors of the best selling book Endal, Allen Parton with faithful little EJ (Endal junior) at his side attended the event. Allen told us: ‘everywhere one looked there was a famous face, it really was very eerie and quite surreal! But it is was such a relaxed and informal get together of authors and I will confess that my little four-legged chum really stole the show. EJ left at the end of the evening with lipstick stains all over his head, it is so unfair!!!!" One only has to pop into the local book shop to see that so many celebrities had written their biographies over the last year and I think most of them had turned up to this event.

‘Sadly, due to work commitments Sandra my wife and co author of the book couldn't attend, said Allen, ‘but as Endal is no longer with us it was so nice and so fitting to have his protégée there to represent him. EJ who now is just over a year old now took the 1000 odd crowd with its associated noise and bustle in his stride. He has learnt far to quickly what is perched upon the platters being carried around by the waitresses and waiters, tricking everyone in to thinking he had not been fed for the last week!’

The CEO of Harper Collins UK, Victoria Barnsley, proudly revealed that she has one of EJ's brothers, so the benefits and advantages of owning the new breed of the dual purpose Labradors very much became one of the topics of the evening between two attendees.

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