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George Johnston

WE HAVE received the very sad news that George Johnston (Sykemoor) died at the beginning of this week, writes Trish Wells.

I last saw George a month ago, looking fit and well, as he judged the Hounds at the Beverley & DCS open show. He had a great day. George and his father (also called George) along with others of a like mind, reformed the Basset Hound Club in the 1950’s. He has been the elected President for some time.

In 1957 Ch Rossingham Amber gained her title - she was owned by George’s father. Sykemoor Wiza gained her title in 1961 - and the rest, they say, is history. The most remembered litter Gorge and wife Cynthia bred will be the one containing the three ‘R’s - Rosie, Ruthie and Ruby Three bitches all made up to Champion. It was soon after this time that George and Cynthia began to take an interest in their son’s (‘Young’ George) hobby of Trail Hounds. After the death of Cynthia, George no longer exhibited Basset Hounds - though he continued to judge them, along with a number of other breeds. He was scheduled to judge the Portuguese Podengo classes at Darlington this year.

George did, at one time, write the Breed Notes for this paper. In 1968 he wrote the book, The Basset Hound and then, in 1979 he wrote the text for the book Hounds of France; this was illustrated by Maria Ericson with drawings from life.

He leaves a son & grandchildren and to his family we extend our sympathy.
The funeral will take place on at 2pm on Wednesday 22 July at St Mary’s Church, Wigton, Cumbria.

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