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Paul and Crosby defeat lookalike ban

Ch Norwulf Going for Gold of Slatehouse
Crosby the Dandie Dinmont Terrier holding his lookalike owner Paul Keevil...
or is that Paul holding Crosby?

BACK IN 2005 Paul Keevil, the OUR DOGS Dandie Dinmont breed correspondent, was banned from entering a lookalike competition by the organisers of the Wag & Bone Show, on the grounds that he and his Dandie ‘Crosby’ looked too much like each other.

The story created international interest and Crosby and Paul appeared on TV and in newspapers not only in the UK, but also in America, Europe and Japan, and just last month the couple were featured on the German TV channel ZDF. As a result of the ban, Paul and Crosby had not entered any pet and owner lookalike contests until Sunday 5th July when they entered the lookalike section at the Brighton Pride Companion Dog Show held at the grounds of Hove Rugby Club.

The Pride Dog Show is now one of the largest Companion Dog Shows in the UK attracting an entry of over 600 dogs. Paul explained: ‘As Crosby is now 11-years-old and as we are both getting a bit thin on top I just had to enter one last event to see if we still had that same old magic which led us to be banned.’ Paul need not have worried because the judge of the novelty classes, the outrageous female impersonator Scott Burey did not hesitate in awarding the couple Best Lookalikes of the day, much to the delight of the huge crowd.

It was a very successful day for Paul and his partner Sheila and their Dandie Dinmont Terriers as their young mustard dog, Yazga Love the One You’re With, was awarded Best in Show of the pedigree section under KC judge Peter Jolly.

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