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Lowchen Club issues statement

THE LOWCHEN Club last week issued a statement to its members, following concerns over the Club’s management.

The full statement reades: ‘We apologise for the delay in letting all the members have information about the current situation concerning the management of Club business, we felt the most prudent approach was to wait until we had clarified everything with the Kennel Club.

‘The Acting Chairperson is Mr G A Senior, Secretary Mrs J Turner, and Treasurer Mrs G Conroy. Committee Members, Mrs J Armstrong, Miss A Bush, Miss R Conroy, Miss S Grieve, Mrs G Senior, Miss K Sergeant, Mrs S Terry, Mr A Davidson, Mr G Merritt and Mr A Turner.

‘This is an interim committee until the AGM next February, where the entire committee and Officers will have to re-stand if they wish to do so.

‘The initial SGM for 5th April was cancelled due to the resignation of two Officers, Secretary and Treasurer, and three committee members. This left the committee inquorate as there were still two places vacant.

‘The SGM that was held on 25th of April 2009 was not deemed to be null and void, the only thing that was incorrectly done was the vote for the Chair. Miss Sergeant who was Chair at the time of the meeting decided that she wished to have an independent Chairperson; Mr S Bardwell chaired the meeting in good faith with the information he was provided with. Mr M Window was also present to support the members. After the event The Kennel Club clarified the advice that had been given as it obviously had been misinterpreted on the day of the meeting. The four-committee members who had not resigned should keep their positions and see out their term.

‘Miss Sergeant decided to relinquish her position as Chair to Mr Senior as this was who the majority of the members present at the SGM had voted for. The Kennel Club allowed this providing the committee agreed, the committee vote was a majority vote in favour of Mr Senior. The position of Chair does not automatically go to the vice chair as a vice chair is voted by committee and is not voted at an AGM which is where Officers are put in place. The Treasurer and Secretary are not Acting as the voting procedure for these posts was correctly carried out.
‘The Kennel Club taking into account the votes and wishes of the members present, strongly advised that the augmented committee worked together to move the club forward. Two of the remaining committee have since resigned, Mr T Grimshaw and Mrs C Warmisham.

‘The Web site will be up and running again very shortly. Mr Warmisham gave up the role of Web Master. The new forum that has appeared has nothing to do with the club or the present committee.’

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