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Breeder’s jail sentence for fraud

A BREEDER and exhibitor of Dogue de Bordeaux and Rottweiler was jailed last week, after being found guilty of defrauding the Scottish Tory party of almost £150,000, after being put in charge of paying their expenses.

Janet Perrie, who owns the Duntarvie kennels in Bellshill, Glasgow, used cash she stole while working for the Scottish operation to pay for holidays and extras for her and husband James.

Perrie claimed she hoped to pull her partner out of his chronic alcoholism by offering a better lifestyle and used stolen cheques to pay massive sums into her own account. She had abused her position as accounts assistant at the Tory's Scottish HQ in Edinburgh to pay the forged cheques into her own account over a period of almost two years. But she was discovered after the bank queried one of the cheques and an audit revealed the massive discrepancy.

Perrie, a married mum-of-two, had gone to work for the Tories at their Princes Street base in Edinburgh in July 2005. She had been seconded to the party as a "donation in kind" by Dunalastair Estates, who were paying the agency worker's wages. Background checks would have revealed convictions for embezzlement 1989 and 1994. But none was carried out and she was made an accounts assistant with duties including paying expenses and preparing cheques to be authorised. Perrie, 53, simply forged the necessary signatures and made more than 30 cheques out to herself. She covered her tracks by writing fake payments in the cheque book stubs.

The case was due to be heard in court in March this year but was postponed when Miriam Labaki, defending, said Perrie had injured her leg.

Previous convictions

Fiscal depute John Kirk told the court how Perrie was put in charge of managing accounts as an accounts assistant and her duties included paying expenses and preparing cheques to be authorised.

Mr Kirk said: "Her role was to manage various accounts and in particular various expense accounts by preparing cheques and having the appropriate signatories sign them and writing out the stubs."

But Perrie forged the signatures and made cheques out to herself – she covered her tracks by writing fake payments in the cheque book stubs. More than 30 cheques were made to her Abbey National accounts.The con continued from 1 January, 2006 until 19 October, 2007 when she left the organisation.

Mr Kirk continued: "Two cheques were queried in November 2007 and when the cheques came back from the bank it appeared that they were made payable to her. As a result an account audit carried out found in excess of 30 cheques where the panel made the cheques out to herself and forged the signatures of the signatories. Police were called in and she was interviewed and she admitted to the officers what she had done."

Mr Kirk said the scam had been a "substantial amount of money over a year and a bit".
Last week her solicitor, Cameron Tait, told the court that Perrie had used the cash to pay for luxuries for her and her husband, despite claiming he was abusive to her.

Mr Tait said: "The majority of the money that had been taken she had used to spend on holidays and extras and generally to give them a much higher level of living in the vain hope that this would give her husband the motivation to hold their lives and their marriage in much higher regard."

Mr Tait said that Perrie had suffered from medical problems including black-outs and a heart murmur. He added that she was likely to lose her home after remortgaging it to buy a business which had subsequently failed.


Mr Tait said that Perrie – who claimed she was the subject of physical and verbal abuse from her husband – would complete community service and probation to stay out of jail.

But Sheriff Neil Mackinnon said that because of the breach of trust only a custodial sentence was suitable. He told her: "Your dishonesty both undermined the generosity of your employer in gifting your services to the political party in most reprehensible fashion but also the political party itself. You betrayed the trust of those who expected you to carry out your duties diligently and honestly."


Sheriff Mackinnon sentenced Perrie, of Motherwell Road, Bellshill, to 22 months in prison. He said he had reduced this from 30 months because Perrie had pleaded guilty.

Perrie also allegedly stole money from the Working and Pastoral Breeds association of Scotland, a report was apparently sent to the KC at the time, though no further action was taken. She was the Association’s Treasurer at the time.

Mrs Perrie showed her Dogue de Bordeaux, Ir Ch Jerivindi Magena at Duntarvie and her Rottweiler, Duntarvie Shalimar at this years Crufts. She is a member of the Midland Rottweiler Club, the SKC and the South Western Rottweiler Club.

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Its about time you deleted this page it old and rehashed news with detail inaccuracies. It is beginning to look like a personal vendetta as everyone in 'Our dogs' world knows what happened and knows the outcome. 
This woman has payed an incomprehensible price for her mistakes, let her live her life now without persecution.
Let it go people.
Jim Roy