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Celebrating 25 years in rescue

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue, at present the only registered charity who rescue and re-home this wonderful breed, is proudly celebrating its 25th year in rescue.

Founded in 1984 by a group of Shih Tzu lovers who were worried by the number of Shih Tzus needing new homes, or medical help. Within a short while a committee was formed and charity status was applied for and granted and a membership initiated.

Since the inception of the Rescue, in excess of 3,000 dogs have been re-homed. The Rescue operates an open door policy towards Shih Tzus, age, and the condition of the dogs is not a bar to re-homing.

Indeed the oldest dog re-homed was a wonderful 15 year old dog, his name was not known, but as he was rescued from Birmingham his New Keeper named him Brummie. Euthanasia (put to rest) is only used as a last resort, and only on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon.

Chairperson Doug Yates says “The committee members wish to profoundly thank past and present officers and helpers, all volunteers, who have given their time, effort and TLC in helping these dogs. For these remarkable people rescuing dogs, who may have suffered mental and physical abuse, can be emotionally draining, but they continue to offer their help wherever it is needed”.

Through the generosity of the society’s membership, together with individual donations, the Charity has been able to carry on the work of Rescue and offer veterinary care to those animals that need it.

Co-ordinator Jeana Healy says “In a perfect world there would be no need for Rescue, but the numbers seem to increase year on year, and we are not the only people rescuing Shih Tzus”.
They will be marking this anniversary with their annual Companion Dog Show on Sunday 16th August 2009 at West Malling, Kent, and also later on with their annual Christmas Party, where you can see many rescues and their New Keepers.

For further details contact Hon Sec on 01732 841138 or go to

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