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China to tackle dog welfare

Dog lovers ‘delighted’ as dogs get fairer deal

DOG LOVERS the world over have welcomed the fact that China is preparing proposals for the country's first ever law to protect animals from cruelty.

The recommendations, which have been drawn up in consultation with the RSPCA, will be submitted to the government by the drafting committee by the end of the year, and include laws both to protect pets and cover how farm animals should be raised, transported and slaughtered.
China’s first Global Canine Welfare Responsiblity Forum, which is to be held on November 27, in conjunction with the NGKC’s National Dog Show, promises to focus on co-operation for the humane treatment of dogs (and other animals), recognition of canine services to mankind, breeding for healthy and happy dogs, as well as man’s responsibility to dogs and responsible dog ownership.

As of 2006 there were no laws in China governing acts of cruelty to animals.

In certain jurisdictions such as Fuzhou, dog control officers may kill any unaccompanied dogs on sight. However, the People's Republic of China is currently in the process of making changes to its stray-dog population laws in the capital city, Beijing. Mr. Zheng Gang who is the director of the Internal and Judicial Committee which comes under the Beijing Municipal People's Congress (BMPC), supports the new draft of the Beijing Municipal Regulation on Dogs from the local government. This new law is due to replace the current Beijing Municipal Regulation on Dog Ownership, introduced in 1889.

Just last month the inhumane methods used in the indiscriminate and large-scale killing of around 30,000 dogs following rabies outbreaks in China attracted not only international, but also domestic, criticism.

Speaking on behalf of the RSPCA's International department, senior manager Paul Littlefair said: ‘We are delighted that China is making steady progress towards bringing in its first ever animal protection legislation.

‘RSPCA International has been actively engaged with China for ten years now, gradually building support for animal welfare among officials and academics."

‘Most recently we have joined the International Fund for Animal Welfare in backing Professor Chang Jiwen and the drafting committee's work through workshops and meetings. We hope a draft law will be ready towards the end of 2009.

‘Professor Chang and his colleagues on the committee feel that a basic anti-cruelty law has wide public support and is achievable within the next three years, and that a more comprehensive 'welfare' law - perhaps promoting a 'duty of care' - is expected in the future.’

Our Dogs has received the following statement from Chairman Shi Zhaoxin who confirmed details of the November show and forum. “This is our fourth Golden Necklace Show and our first National following strict AKC standards and NGKC / AKC - Global Services Rules & Regulations. All entries are required to register with microchip & DNA so as to maintain the integrity of our Registry, Registrations Show results, and titles will be processed and verified by AKC - Global Services, and will be available at the AKC - GS website. All NGKC sponsored shows will meet the highest standards in our sport. We at NGKC would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of you judges who have worked our shows, and helped us make them successful.

“We would also like to thank the AKC, the Westminster Kennel Club, the Kennel Club - UK, the CKC - Canada, the KKC -Korea, our Member Clubs, our Government, Animal Organisations and the Chinese & Western dog media for being so supportive of our efforts in China.
On behalf of our beloved canine friends, I thank you, so much”.

Judges include Crufts BIS judge Peter Green and his partner Beth Sweigert and from the Westminster organisation in New York, Thomas Bradley and David Frei, plus James Reynolds from Canada a previous BIS judge at Madison Square Gardens.

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